Nissan in Nada: Attracting the consumers

30th September, Kathmandu. Pioneer Motocorp passed only a year after the appointment of the official Nissan carrier for Nepal. However, in the midst of one year, the company has succeeded in identifying wm Nissan as a trustworthy brand in Nepali consumers. Various companies of the company are now very interested in the Nepali market. The […]


Budget increases the vehicle price

The budget has increased the value of the vehicle with increased envelope and road distances. According to the new tax, the price of the vehicle has yet to be determined. However, the thickness data of how much CNC vehicles can increase. According to the businessmen, the new budget will increase the value of the vehicle […]


Mahindra’s new ‘Scorpio’ in Nepalese market

The Mahindra Group has furnished Scorpio’s vehicle with more new features and features. It has high-tech power, new 5 speed transmissions, high efficiency, attractive styling and comfortable travels. Such facilities of Mahindra will provide comfortable travel experience on any road in Nepal. The Scorpio car with new features is available in 4 different models. The […]