Zuckerberg announces, facebook will have pair-pairing, dating app

Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced that its company will soon bring a dating app. With this announcement, shares of companies serving other pairing services have come down significantly. Facebook’s service will compete with the popular service like Tinder. “There are 20 million people who are told to share themselves on Facebook,” said Zuckerberg on […]


Video call form Messenger Lite

Yes, you heard it right, now video call from facebook messenger lite is possible, thanks to its developers. The Social Network Facebook, which has been promoting Messenger as a separate app, has added video call facilities from Messenger Light Apps. The Facebook Video claim from this app can also be claimed when Messaging Lite’s old Android […]


Create esewa account in Nepal

Well, you must have heard about esewa if you are resident from Nepal. Today I will teach you to create esewa account in a quick and easy manner. Let me tell you more about esewa, it is the first online payment gateway in Nepal and is gaining popularity day by day as users are getting more […]


Russia Fifa World Cup 2018

The Russia Fifa World Cup 2018 is knocking around and the world is ready for the event. It is going to be held in Russia and the games are scheduled as: Group stages Thursday 14 June Russia vs Saudi Arabia (Group A) – Moscow (Luzhniki) – 4pm – ITV Friday 15 June Egypt vs Uruguay […]


How to eat eggs, how much food?

Eggs are considered nutritious foods. Although most of the pork eggs are consumed, many foods and eggs are crowded around the world. Apart from this, laughter, butterfly, orchestra omega, eggs have also eaten many. Wild patches are also considered to be hungry, colored, and tetra’s eggs. Let’s say, people who are found, do not keep […]