How to send email that gets deleted automatically?


Google has recently made significant changes to Gmail, adding various features that promote the privacy of the user as well as provide more control over the email sender to the email they send. Most of the discussion and controversy feature, Confirmative mode.

Although this feature helped the email sender maintain their privacy, it has also been criticized.

After all, what is Gmail’s Confirmed Mode? How to send email to be deleted automatically after a certain time?

Gmail’s Confirmation mode feature is available only on PC browser. This is not available on the Android and IOS app.

Through this feature, users can pass their sensitive and secret emails by encrypting them, which will not be forwarded by such email and will be automatically digitized.

Also, you can download, copy, paste, and forward emails received by such email address. The way to print such emails is only possible by just screenshot or photographing.

How to send such a secure and confidential email?

To go to Gmail’s Confirmed Mode, login to Gmail and click on the Settings icon. Then choose the Click New Gmail that is there. Then, loads up with Gmail, including new interface and features, will load.

Then click Compose in Gmail

Then click on the option on the Turn on Confidential mode on the right side

There will be an extra date and a passcode set. If the SMS passcode is not set, the recipient can always open the email you send. To set a passcode, the recipient’s mobile number should be entered. As soon as you send an email to Gmail, the receiver receives a passcode through SMS on its mobile phone. Only after sending the same passcode, you can open the email that you send.

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