Local Mayor angry after Nepali celebrating Holi in Australia


After the program organized by the Nepalese community in a Sydney park in Sydney, Australian community left the dung of dung, the mayor of the place will not be allowed to organize such programs.

Mayor Bill Sarabinovsky criticized the organizer of the program, leaving the Rockdale park-like “dirty skulls”.

On March 3 last Saturday, Holi was celebrated. The program called ‘Raddale Color Festival’ was organized by the organization called Kamero Event.

After the program, they left the place without cleaning the waste.

Local St. George & Saarland Sierra Leider, who was surprised to see the situation at Sunday’s local park, said Sunday. Some have expressed dissatisfaction over social networks, and some had sent it to the city council.

On the other hand, some people went to clean the park on the side of the organizational, even though it was not enough to be sent to the organizer.

The Bedside Council will be studying the conditions for the rental of the park.

‘I am very disappointed about this. Clin-up, Australia Day, how our main park was built like an inverted field, I would like to know, ‘Mayor’s statement has said Ledder.

The organizer Kamero Event has apologized for his Facebook page about this.

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