World’s Longest Sea Bridge was built in 7 years


Construction of the longest marine bridge of Hong Kong, Juhai and Macau have been constructed. Construction of 296 km long structure has been constructed in seven years.

The total length of the bridge is 55 miles [55 km], with 22.9 km of bridges and 6.7 kilometers of the tunnel in 296 miles.

‘This bridge has crossed all the risks and we are preparing to use it for a few months,’ said Sinha’s executive director of Zhu Yangling, the official said.

Four hundred 20 thousand tonnes of steel used in the Pulse have been used. Out of which, 60 OTA Eiffel tower can be constructed. Similarly, more than one million cubic meters of cement has been used in the bridge.

After construction of the bridge, travel between Hong Kong and Juhui will fall within 3 minutes from 3 hours.

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