Nissan in Nada: Attracting the consumers


30th September, Kathmandu. Pioneer Motocorp passed only a year after the appointment of the official Nissan carrier for Nepal. However, in the midst of one year, the company has succeeded in identifying wm Nissan as a trustworthy brand in Nepali consumers.

Various companies of the company are now very interested in the Nepali market. The company says that Nissan’s vehicle has a good impact on the Nepali consumer. Today Nada auto-show is a great crowd of viewers who book Nissan’s car. The company is excited by the customer’s enthusiastic response.

Being a trusted brand, many consumers have shown interest in Nissan. The most wanted customers buy is the brand of the established brand. Therefore, Nissan Nepal has become the option to subscribe to customers, Pioneer Matkorp said. Some of the Nissan vehicles have been consumed by the consumer.

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