Now what is the price of the bike to buy expensive bikes?


At the end of the time, a craze of expensive and heavy cc bike is being blown. However, now the government has decided to set up the roads for big cc bike riders.

The road is based on the engine’s ability to ride on the road by entering the road. Its growth also affects the value directly.

The new budget has increased the size of 2 million roads across 401 CC capacity bikes.

Roadside of microbus, bus, truck, tripper, truck, mixer, minibus, minitruck, and seven per cent of the same value are kept at work.

Now 8% of the cost of cars up to 2000 CC and 8 per cent of the value of the price will be made. Similarly, the jeep of more than 2,000 CC and road carriage has been given 10 per cent.

Similarly, roads have also increased in the same way. However, bikes up to 150 CC have increased to 5,000 rupees.

Similarly, the roads of 151 to 250 CC have reached Rs 18,000. Earlier, this bike was just 12 thousand in the segment of the segment.

Now, 50 thousand roads will be set up in bikes ranging from 251 to 4 CC. 35 thousand roads have been increased in this segment. In the same way, the road above the road of 401 c.C. has increased only 1 lakh 80 thousand.

It can now influence the large potential of the bike. The government has not increased the amount of tax paid in the meantime.

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