FIFA 2018: Russia beat Saudi Arabia 5-0, Yuri scores the first goal of World Cup 2018


Russia defeated Saudi Arabia 5-0 in a futuristic match against the FIFA World Cup-2014 competition. Uri Gozinski of the host team achieved the first goal of the current World Cup. While Dennis Cherriesev, the favourite hero of the match, fired two cheeks.

In this match, Russia made three goals in the first half and three goals in the second half. In addition, Russia scored 3 points in Group-A. Saudi Arabia team is playing World Cup for the first time in 12 years. He had won the final in the World Cup in 1994 for the last time.

Russia’s scorer score

Yuri Gaisinsky: In the 12th minute

Denis Cherriesev: In the 43th minute

Ertem Digueba: in the 71th minute

Denis Cherriesev: 90 ‘+ 1′ in the minute

Alexander Golovin: In the ’90’ + 4’min minute

The 28-year-old Yuri Gaizinsky scored in the opening match in the Luznick Stadium in the 12th minute. With this, 80,000 viewers present in the stadium drowned in the party and welcomed it with the locks.

After that, 27-year-old Denis Cherriesev, in the 43th minute, scored the goal and gave Russia a 2-0 lead. In addition, Denis became the first player to score in this World Cup as a substitute player.

After this, another replacement player, 29 years old, Ertem Diguba, scored 3-0 in Russia by scoring in the 71th minute.

In the Injury time, Russia scored two goals one by one. First, the replacement Denis Cherriesev (90 ‘+ 1’) scored round and 4-0 with Russia. And then 22-year-old Alexander Golovin (90 ‘+ 4’) made the fifth round.

The colorful Agagaj of 21th edition of the football festival of the FIFA World Cup on Thursday night at 8.45 pm Nepali time. The main attraction of the Massageer’s Eclipse Ceremony, Britain’s rock music star, Robbie Williams, presented with Russia’s Ada Pyarulina.

Robbie performed on ‘Let Me Entertainment You’. After completing the presentation of both the singers, the model came to Victoria Lopedaya, with the official ball of the match. Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and FIFA chief Giianinin Putin announced the launch of the tournament.

During this, at the inauguration ceremony on the tune of Russian musician Pyotre Chikovski, the entire stadium had raised echo from ‘Russia’s russia’.



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