So why didn’t Argentine played the game against Israel?


Argentina has cancelled a friendly football game with Israel regarding the repression of Palestinian Palestinians in Gaza.

The Palestinians strongly opposed that the warm-up game was supposed to be in Jerusalem on Saturday, to give the legitimacy of the Israeli occupation policy.

This game has cancelled the news on Tuesday. After cancelling the game, the majority have welcomed the Argentine move.

A striker Gonzalo Higuain of the Argentine World Cup team, in an interview, has said that cancelling the game is right and welcome.

Recently Israeli soldiers killed 120 Palestinians in Gaza.

After the game cancelled, the Palestinians’ Football Association of West Bank, West Bengal, thanked the Argentine captain Leonel Messi and a statement.

“The price, morality and sport have won today and the game has been redirected to Israel by cancelling this game,” said Associate president Jibilil Rajub.

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