Video call form Messenger Lite


Yes, you heard it right, now video call from facebook messenger lite is possible, thanks to its developers. The Social Network Facebook, which has been promoting Messenger as a separate app, has added video call facilities from Messenger Light Apps.

The Facebook Video claim from this app can also be claimed when Messaging Lite’s old Android version and dull internet.

‘There are a daily means of video chat in Messaging’, Facebook says, ‘Face to face chat has become a complete medium for communication.’

The video chat lasted 17 billion times the previous year. The use of video chat is twice as compared to 2016. Prior to this, Facebook was providing available access to text messaging, photos, audio, and link to Messenger Lite.

This feature is already implemented to Facebook Lite. Messenger Lite’s Android® has been more than one-click download.

Cheers to facebook!!
Enjoy the most of it.

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